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Elvan LTD

Products on sale :

  • Manhattan Digital-Receivers
  • aei Security Systems
  • Baby Wear and Accesories

Satellite Systems

With more than fifteen years of experience in satellite TV system installations in North Cyprus, Elvan LTD is proud to be reputed as the number ONE company in Quality, Reliability, Expertise, Professionalism and after-sales Service. We dedicate our professionalism and expertise in this field to the delivery of a trouble-free system to all our valued customers. Our goal, is our customer's satisfaction. Each and every system we install is treated as unique; only when a crisp sparkling crystal-clear satellite picture is received on your television screen, will we deliver the system to you, and by then, you'll definitely know you made the right choice!

Baby Wear and Accessories

Amongst individually design babywear we offer some of the top brand names on the market...


A year of part and service-free guarantee is given for each satellite system...

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