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Some Of Our Product Listings

Check out an array of quality hard to find products.

Universal Steam Steriliser

This lovely large steriliser has won numerous awards for best product of its class. Can take up to 8 standard bottles which is great for bottle feeding mums. There is also plenty of room for bowls and training cups.

Baby Talk

Baby Talk Digital introduces a new system in Channel Security Codes to prevent annoying cross interference from other monitors. This means that instead of the standard 2 channels available with most other monitors, Lindam offers 20 digitally coded options to reduce cross interference.

Baby Talk Plug In

A totally portable baby monitor with crystal clear sound, incorporating a visual sound indicator allowing parents to 'see' as well as hear baby's sounds. 2 channel selection with 100 metre range, it is ideal for inside or outside use. Supplied with 2 mains adaptors.

BabyBjorn Carriers

It provides the proper support for the baby's back and neck. This leaves your hands free of course for important things like making a welcome cup of tea of going shopping. Easy to put on or off, all the adjustments are at the front. One superb feature is detachable front-piece, which means you can unsnap the front and lay the baby down - without waking it. Can be used for as long as is comfortable, normally about 12 months. Adjustable straps allow for even distribution of weight on our own back and shoulders.


Classic, stylish, great colours and quite presentable in the event of guests.


British made, this door bouncer consistently achieves top marks for design and performance. A great invention and an excellent toy and exercised for the baby.

Swim Jacket

Made with high quality, comfortable Neoprene the swim jacket is an attractive and versatile alternative to arm bands. Removable, soft, foam floats in a Lycra lining give buoyancy in the right places. The floats can be removed as and when the wearer becomes a more confident swimmer. Brightly coloured, the wearer is highly visible in the pool or on the beach. An added bonus is the excellent protection from harmful UV rays.

The best feature of this car seat is it is easy to use and fit into a car. Deservedly a winner, this first stage car seat has a one pull, three point harness, one pull handle adjustment, a rocker and head support.

There is only one baby car seat. The Cygnet. Every year it wins the prize for best baby car seat in the industry. Special feature being the back support adjustment support for newborn babies. From newborn to around 15 months (13 kg). Comes complete with little head hugger for extra comfort. Sun canopy extra.